Da Young Ju

Ph.D student

Research Interests
Color vision, Image-based rendering, Non-photorealistic Rendering, Texture synthesis
Media art, electronic display of art, human-computer visual interface, Animation

Ph.D., Computer Vision, Sogang University, Seoul, korea, 2002.9 - present
M.S., Computer Science, Sogang University, Seoul, Korea, 2002.8
B.F.A., Visual Communication Design, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea, 1999.8
B.F.A., Painting, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea, 1999.2
Minor, Printing, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea, 1998.2
* License of Art Education, Department of Education, in Hong-ik University, 2000.2
(Secondary School Teacher Certificate)

CGIV05 International Conference, Beiging, China, 2005.8
IV05 International Conference, London, UK, 2005.7
Performance for Mob Psychology in Street, Seoul, Korea, 2000.6
Graduate Work of Visual Communication Design, Seoul, Korea, 1999.11
Performance for a View of Woman, Seoul, Korea, 1999.6
Graduate Work of Painting, Seoul, Korea, 1999.2
WoW Media Image Festival, Seoul, Korea, 1998.12

Reading volunteer, for vision handicap person, Seoul, Korea, 2005 - present
The second violin, Orchestra of Sogang University, 2000 - present
Art therapy volunteer, for handicap children establishment, Inchon & Buchon, Korea, 1995 - 2001
Editor, a Society for the Research of Culture in Hongik University, Seoul, Korea, 1995 ? 2000
Gymnastic player, inchon, Korea, 1984 -1987

CubeAgora (www.cubeagora.com), 2004 - 2005
Design Supervisor & Art Director: Chief
- Planning of business / Making Brand Image (Corporation Identification Design) / advertising
Houman Inc. (www.houman.co.kr), 2003.2 ? 2005.12
Design Supervisor & Art Director: Chief
- Planning of business / Making Brand Image (Corporation Identification Design) / Advertising
NjoyPlus Inc. (www.njoyplus.com), Seoul, korea, 2001.2 - present
Design Supervisor & Art Director: Chief
- Planning of business / Making Brand Image (Corporation Identification Design) / advertising
Imagia Cinema webzine Inc. (www.Imagia.co.kr), 2000.9 ? 2001.9
A journalist
--The commentary has Artistic and Technical viewpoint about Flow digital culture
MBC : Cyber Sitcom Broadcasting Project (www.imbc.com), 2000.8 ? 2001.1
The Planning staff, Story boarder, Character Designer, Character animation Producer
--Experimental producing for Digital broadcasting / Composition Image
Art therapy Project for handicap children, 1999.10 ? 2000.2
Illustrator & Animator (with Dr. Lee of Ehwa Woman University)
- Education technique developing of Communication Skill by Gesture and Expression Using Web,
Hysys Ltd. (www.hysys.com), 1998 - present
Designer & Animator
- Making Brand Image (Corporation Identification Design) / Advertising / Animation
POPUP MEDIART Inc., 1997.9 ? 1999.10
- Making Brand Image (Corporation Identification Design) / Advertising / web designer
Morning tour ? tour agency, 1997.8 ? 2000
Freelancer Tour guide for Japan
DaiWon - TV Series Animation Studio (www.daiwoncna.com), 1997.5 - 1998
Part-time animator
- 2D computer animation
Character / Advertising / Illustration Design: Freelancer, 1996.3 ? 2000
TWO-Dimensional Studio(inauguration of an enterprise), 1995.7 ? 1996.9
Designer and 2D Animator
--This is the first own business. Two-friends and me produced many Image and Short films but almost of them were just a product not creative item. It’s pretty hard that is satisfied in business and originality.
Teaching of watercolor painting and dessin for entrance examination: professional, 1995.3 ? 2000

No pain, no gain

사람아, 아 사람아 ? 다이 오후잉 載厚英
지하생활자의 수기 Zapiski iz podpol′ya ? F.h. Dostoevskii
참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움 The Unbearable Lightness of Being ? M.kundera
세상의 바보들에게 웃으면서 화내는 방법(연어와 함께 여행하는 방법) Secondo Diario Minimo ? U.Eco

Composers & music
Johann van Beethoven ? all pieces. Especially, symphony no.7
Johannes Brahms ? piano concerto, all symphonies. Especially, no.2
Gustav Mahler - symphony no.1, no.6, no.9

Africa ? Morocco, Egypt
Asia ? korea, china, hongkong, Japan, shingapore, Thailand
Europe ? Austria, Belgium, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Swiss, Turkey, UK, Vatican
USA ? Ann arbor, Ceatle, Cicago, Detroit, Filladelpia, LA, Las Vegas, New Oleans, NewYork, San Antonio, San Diago, San Francisco, Wisconsin Medison

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Fax : +82. 2. 706. 5908
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