3D Environmental Modeling

This project is to generate 3D environment maps that Robot enables to navigate the 3D world. Limited views of range finders needs to merge several range data into one connected maps. We are developing an improved registration method.
People : JunKyu Seo, Kwang Hee Lee, Sang Wook Lee
Showcase Video : clip #1, clip #2






3D Object Recognition

3D object recognition is challenging problem. We are focusing on affine invariant and illumination invariant methods to make the algorithm more accurate.
People : Chanki Yu, Hyunjung Lee, Sang Wook Lee
Showcase Video : clip #1


Reflectance Analysis and Synthesis

Under projector-camera based illumination environment, we try to analyze specular and diffuse components of objects. Without geometry information, we estimate surface characteristics.
People : Hyunju Kim, Sang Wook Lee




Omni-directional Vision

Mirrors can expand the limitation of field-of-view of camera. We capture images including various shape of mirror to get omni directional information. Our goal is to get 3D geometry around mirrors and a camera.
People : Kwang Hee Lee, Yong Deuk Seo, Sang Wook Lee




Real-time 3D Geometry

Real time 3D capture technique enable to generated 3D data of animated objects with complex motion. We use color stripe patterns to identify each position of projection with one image. We are also focusing on getting correspondent between obtained 3D geometry data.
People : Chang Soo Je, HyunJu Kim, Sang Wook Lee




Human Skin Color and Texture

Skin has translucent and glossy reflectance characteristics. If we obtain these characteristics, we can render more realistic skin in applications of Computer Graphics. We use data-driven approach to include all the reflectance information including translucent, glossy, and texture.
People : Sangmin Kim, Kyoungchin Seo, Sang Wook Lee




Marker-Free Facial Motion Capture

Without makers to get correspondence between frames, we try to get dense motion data of face. Improved pattern enable to get face geometry in real time. We can transfer not only sparse sets of motion vectors but also dense clouds of motion information onto new 3D face model.
People : Changsoo Je, Jinsuk Oh, Sang Wook Lee






Image based Illumination of Artistic Paintings

Instead of taking photos of painting for digital display, we analyze the illumination characterics of each paintings such as oil, pastel, water, and acryl color paintings. we can synthesize the realistic appearance of paintings under various lighting conditions.
People : Da Young Ju, Jinho Yoo, Gregory Sharp, Sang Wook Lee



Media Art Installation


Chong Chan Ku , Lee Su Jin, Chung Bo won, Lee Min Soo, Um Hye Gang, Shin Hyun Jin, Noh Hyun gee, Chae Jeong Won, Oh Chang Geun


  • Digital Media Design lab 1st Exhibition, Gallery the Space, Seoul korea, April 4-13, 2006

Discontinuous Variations”


Da Young Ju


  • CGIV05 International Conference, Beijing China, Aug, 2005

Mid Summer Night’s Dream


Da Young Ju


Man Young Jung, Kyoungchin Seo, Sang Wook Lee

  • Exploratorium: Sanfrancisco Science Exploration Festival, special session , COEX, Seoul, Dec 19 2004 ~ Jan 16. 2005
  • 5th Seoul European Film Festival, Neuropean Exhibition, Megabox Cineflex, Oct 27-31, 2004
  • 10 Years After Ver 2.0 : My name is game, Body Section, Insa Art Center, Jul 29-Aug 22, 2004
  • Showcase Video view

The Butterfly Effect”


Da Young Ju


  • VR exhibition, ICAT04 International Conference, COEX Seoul Korea, Nov, 2004
  • Showcase Video view
'Digital Book'  

Ai-Ran Kang, Chanki Yu, Sang Wook Lee


  • Asia Digital Art and Design International Forum in Seoul (ADADA 2004), Ewha Womens University, Oct 8-10,2004
  • Beyond the digital surfaces, Ewha Womens University, Oct 13-23, 2004
  • 10 Years After,Insa Art Center, Jul 29-Aug 22, 2003
  • Showcase Video view







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