Research & Developement

My major topic is reflectance modeling for realistic rendering of objects. Currently, I am focusing on anisotropic reflectance modeling observed on material like woods, velvets, and finished metals. I found asymmetric shapes of reflectance lobes and tried to formulate new reflectance model and verify the effectiveness of the model using real BRDF samples.

To find and verify a new reflectance model, we need specially designed acquisition device because we have to capture tons of images with known lighting and camera directions. I have designed and operated two devices for this purpose.

Research Interest

  • Reflectance and Texture Modeling and Analysis
  • Image-based Rendering and Modeling
  • Color Transfer/Human Skin Color Modeling
  • Enviromental Matting
  • Real-Time Video Detection and Tracking
  • Virtual Light Sphere

    This acquisition system is composed of six LCD projectors, a XC-003 3CCD video camera, 4 mirrors, a box covered with diffuser paper, grabbling board and a PC. We can make various types of light using our custom softward by generating patterns projected onto the cube. Using this device, we can quickly capture thousands of images varying size, direction, and intensity of illumination.


    Four-axis goniometer

    While Virtual Light Sphere system cannot change camera directions freely, this device is designed for controlling both camera and lighting directions efficiently. This system is composed of D200 Nikon DSLR camera,a LED light lamp, two robot arms including four motors and a stage, motor control boards and a PC. Our custrom software is capbale of remotely controlling parameters of the D200 camera such as shutter speed, exposure values to capture HDR images and changing the positions of the two robot arms. Using this system, we can obtain efficiently images of object taken by both densely sampled camera directions and lighting directions.



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